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Michelin Competition Tyres
Eibach ERS-price list
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Eibach Best Brand 7th time in a row
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Revolution owner Warren Mckiernan demonstrates new GR14 rim
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Lapinjärven Huoltopiste LTD, a.ka LHP-Racing is now official Deimann product importer in Finland!

German Deimann is very appreciated and highly valued company, especially in the middle of Europe. Deimann manufactures and sells high quality Eibach and Bilstein products. For example Volkswagen B14 T5 & T6 series and Bilstein B6 & B8 Comfort kits are very popular.

In Finland LHP Racing imports and sells Deimann products.
More information can be found via this link!

NEW NEW! Deimann adjustable Bilstein B14 series 40-65mm lowering now to Volkswagen Golf VII and Seat Leon 5F cars!

Click for more information
- Bilstein B14 series 40-65mm lowering VW Golf VII
- Bilstein B14 series 40-65mm lowering Seat Leon 5F

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Deimann/Bilstein B14 V-Klasse W447 lowerness with Eibach springs!

Weve received Deimann/Bilstein B14 adjustable sets for V-Klasse W447 with 30-50mm lowerness and Eibach springs! Now available to 2WD and 4WD all models!

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Ota yhteyttä ja kysy lisätietoja!

Two-Thirds Choose Eibach - For the 7th time Eibach has been named "Best Brand" by German "MOTORSPORT aktuell" magazine

In the past year of motorsport the racing teams supported officially by Eibach have driven to hundreds of victories worldwide. That comes in addition to the numerous press awards, which further underline the motorsports competence of the German company. The success continued in 2016 with the 7th victory in a row in the „MOTORSPORT aktuell“ reader‘s choice „Racer des Jahres“ (Racer of the year). The readers were asked to name the most popular brands in automobile racing in 14 categories. Eibach extended its percentage lead in comparison to the previous year by a further 6.7 percent in the „Springs“ category. With a straight 65.0 percent of the votes almost 2/3rds of readers have expressed their confidence in the Sauerland family business.

The Eibach Race Spring System (ERS), was developed especially for the needs of motorsport, and has more than 1,300 different main and auxiliary springs which can be individually arranged to achieve most optimal settings – and that doesn‘t include specially manufactured products. In addition to the high quality of the products this modular system is why in national and international motor racing so many teams and series rely on Eibach all over the world – from the hobby driver up to the premier class.

The detailed result of the reader‘s choice can be found in the MSA issue 13/2016, which has been on the shelves since March 15th.

LHP-Racing has taken over the sales of Michelin Competition tyres in Finland

The responsibility for sales of Michelin competition tyres is transferred from Oy Seba Team AB to LHP-Racing. In the future Micael and Fredrik Sjöberg of LHP-Racing will make sure that the high performance Michelin tyres will find their way to competitors all over Finland both in rallying and racing.

Sebastian Lindholm, who has been responsible for sales of the competition tyres in Finland for over 10 years, will still be working in the background. In the future Sebastian will answer questions related to marketing and technical issues.

Contact for tyre sales:
Micael +358 400 137 233
Fredrik +358 40 584 2931

Contact for marketing and technical:
Sebastian +358 400 441 917 /

The 7th WIN - Eibach dominates "Best Brand" readers' poll

The result of the German sport auto magazine "Best Brand" readers' poll has nearly become a tradition. In 2014 Eibach, the family-owned company, won in the "springs" category for the 7th time. With 15,551 votes cast, the turnout was exceptionally high this year.

Year after year, sport auto lets its readers vote not only for the top performance production and tuning cars but also for the "Best Brands" in 23 performance categories. This year 58,2 percent voted for Eibach - with its motto "The Will To Win!" - to be the most respected brand.

For Eibach this result is a vote of confidence. Its high-quality suspension products are based upon more than 60 years of research, development and experience. Following the corporate slogan "Dominate the Track. Rule the Street". There is a regular transfer of know-how with racing teams and drivers worldwide. Eibach has, for example, been Audi's long-standing DTM partner and "Official Supplier".

Eibach would like to thank all those who voted for us! You will find the results in detail in sport auto's 10/2014 issue.

LHP-Racing imports new, lightweight and durable Revolution GR14 rim for competition usage

Professional motorsport product importer and reseller LHP-Racing is proud to present a new Revolution GR14 rim for competition usage. The GR14 rim, which is in FIA R and WRC minimum weight, has proven to be stronger and lightweight when comparing its rivals. GR14 is available in sizes of 6x15, 6,5x15 and 7x15.

- Revolution brand was formed at 1967 and since then it has done constant test and development work to improve its' products. Now for season 2014 we're pleased to offer you a very competitive rim which is suitable for cars including big brakes. Furthermore it's easy to install, tells owner and development manager Warren Mckiernan.

- Revolutionin GR14 rim is also suitable for other cars and because we're in importer we can offer the product in very competitive price, tells LHP-Racing sales manager Fredrik Sjöberg.

Revolution GR14 rims starts at a' 135eur.

Eibach Finland and German Deimann Fahrwerktechnic into co-operation!

Deimann manufactures Eibach Sportline springs at Eibach factory and Bilstein B14 series in Eibach/Bilstein. These are spring products which Eibach and Bilstein have not taken into production. All products are TUV-approved.

Due co-operation agreement we now have a possibility to offer Eibach Sportline products for example to these cars and models:
- VW Golf VII all models
- VW Golf V/VI Variant 2wd models
- VW Passat 3C all models
- VW Touran 1T
- Ford Mondeo MK4 STW
- BMW F10
- Audi A6 4F all models

Furthermore Deimann has Bilstein B14 series products available for these cars:
- VW T5 all models
- MB Vito/Viano W639 nearly all models

Contact us and ask for more information!

Eibach doubles Bilsteinin B12 series stock!

Due large demand Eibach has decided to double its' B12 series stock from 1500 articles to 3000 articles.
With this change we also hope to speed up the delivery times.
New updated stock is to be in taken place at January 2013.

Eibach developes and other copies - B12 Pro-KIT and Sportline lowering units now available!

New level for driving enjoyment has been accomplished as two best civil car suspension manufactures have start a co-operation! New Eibach B12 Pro-Kit (lowers 20-40mm) and Eibach B12 Sportline (lowers 40-55mm) are now available for you. You only have to decide if you want Pro-Kit stylish or Sportline aggressive and sport outer appearance for your car!

Both lowering units includes fat-pistons and so called mono-tube/upside-down technics manufactured Bilstein Sport dampers and Eibach lowering suspension springs.

Your car won't be any better to steer. So choose best, chooses Eibach B12!

F-Cup triple Champion Micael Sjöberg still in touch with rallying

Triple time Finnish F-Cup rally Champion, Micael Sjöberg has past few years lived a quiet life from rally scene. During these years he has, instead rallying, focused his thoughts to develope his LPH-Racing company. He won the championship titles in seasons 1999, 2004 and 2005. After third victory he decided to retire rallying and help his fellow competitors to drive for success.

LHP-Racing is also known as Lapinjärven Huoltopiste Ltd. The company services all civil and competition drivers from car service, repair and spare part deliveries. Since late 90'ies Sjöberg has determinately build a high quality product family to suit customers in their needs. Product family includes only the best components for civil- and competition car usage.

LHP-Racing also builds and services rally rally cars. By years of experience Micael Sjöberg together with his professional staff provides services f.ex bodyworks, safety roll cage installation, engine tuning, suspension installations and brake component updates. Lapinjärven Huoltopiste Ltd is a part of well-known Autoasi service group and it is a guarantee of special service for the car.

– After I won by third F-Cup title in season 2005 I had full-filled all my goals. Later I drove few selected rallyes but I didn't find any new things from it. Then I decided to give all my know-how to my fellow drivers and nowadays we're f.ex. strongly in the speed of Petri Kumpulainen and his LS-Kiviasennus Racing Team, Sjöberg tells.

– My LHP-Racing company provides services for all civil and competition drivers with high quality products and services. We fix and repair your car and provide best civil- and competition tyres, dampers, rims, cam rods, brakes, clutches, engine control units and other competition and carbon parts, Sjöberg continues.

Premises of Lapinjärven Huoltopiste Ltd are located just 40 kilometres from Kouvla to Helsinki. LHP Racing is open daily from 8 am to 6pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm.

Co-operation with LS-Kiviasennus Racing Team
We've made a co-operation agreement with Petri Kumpulainen and his LS-Kiviasennus Racing Team. Kumpulainen will drive with Reiger Suspension in his Toyota Corolla GT and his goals are to test and develope it as much as possible. The tests he ad driven we can say that we're in excellent progress. We also continue co-operation with Mikael Tång as we try various things with Reiger Suspension in his BMW rally car.

New rim from Predator
For summer 2011 Predator has introduced a new rim to markets which is named as 2mx39. Also new finalize levels for present rims are to be introduced. Images from the rims can be found at Predator website at

Revolution GR 6 rims
Revolution Wheels brings complitely renew GR 6 model to markets. Rim is complitely re-shaped and therefore to be more durable and better air flow for brakes. Furthermore Revolution has made developement also for modern visual side.

New GR 6 rim is in FIA minimum weight for R1, R2, R3, R4 and WRC groups and therefore now it's the best time to invest for future. Prices will be likely the same as present Millemium rims are. New model is to be available on silver and white.

Damper maintenance services
A note for all Reiger customers! Winter is coming and therefore please remember that its' very vital for dampers to be serviced and oiled for cold conditions. It has been noticed that even for -5 degrees summer oil stiffs a lot and doesn't get warm in any chilly temperatures.

We've also noticed that many customers leaves the damper service until something gets broken. Therefore we remind that dampers should be serviced at least once a year to get maximum performance out from them. For example professional rally teams service their dampers after each rally day!

When servicing the dampers regulary you also avoid unnecessary faults!

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