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AKG Motorsport, which was formed at 1985, has for past 29 years focused its' business to BMW cars. For many years LHP Racing has utilized the test and development work as well as know-how as a racing car manufacturer by concentrating deeply into our own production like performance-bushes, attachements and other racing parts for BMW cars.

All AKG Motorsport products are made in either own United States factory or closer to us under direct supervision. All products are made using only best raw-materials like United States Army specifications polyuretan and 6061 and 7075 T6 aluminium. High quality materials and high quality work is guaranteed in avery AKG product.

If you want to maintenance or improve your BMW performance, use AKG parts!

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Smooth touch - Perfect action.
100% U.S. Military spec polyuretan in all bushes. Designed for perfect fitting. Unique greace ruds easies maintenance. Available for racing and street usage.
Hard strength - designed durability
100% U.S. Military spec polyuretan in all bushes. Unique design which is completely serviceable. Available for racing and street usage.
Hull strengthenens
Unique AKG Design - Many has duplicated but only AKG is perfect. CNC-cut and modified. Easy installation. Design for protection and strengthen the critical parts. Also available with fatter strengheners.

NOTE! All AKG products are designed and manufactured in USA!
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