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Car repair workshop
We're a part of the Autoasi group and therefore we have latest know-how and technology of car repair industry in our usage. With diagnostic equipment we can make a fast analysis of nearly all cars which are in use. Furthermore we regulary educate our personel to stay in top of developement.

As we belong to the Autoasi group all new car guarantee issues stayes when doing schedulled service. We use only best possible spare parts. When you give your car registation number we can order right parts for your car.

Our speciality is f. ex damper maintenance. We service mainly Reiger and Öhlins dampers. To make sure your dampers gets the best possible service we have a preassured pump which helps us to get all air out from the damper and therefore all possible leaking points will be discovered.

Building rally and racing cars
By decades of experience we can build mandatory safety roll cages to your rally / racing car, engine tuning works, suspension installation, brake updates etc. Even we've specialized into BMW M-engines, we build competitive engines also for ohter rally / racing cars.

To make sure you'll get the best out of it, the safety roll cages are weld by well-known and highly appreciated JMS-Technic Juho Moisio. His work guarantees best possible safety and roll-cage durability.

Some of our customers have been f.ex Toni Gardemeister, Marko Uutela, Mikael Tång, Mikko Kauppinen, Antti Selivaara, Matti Nikander, Jouko Karhumäki, Antti Nokkanen, Kim Forsman and Martti Lähdesmäki.

Damper maintenance
We're an official Reiger Racing Suspension dealer. Reiger dampers are used f. ex in Ford WRC, Skoda S2000 and VW Polo S2000 cars and therefore we get the latest know-how directly from the top. We're very proud to represent Reiger Suspension because we have seen that Reiger makes lots of developement work and rivals just copy Reigers' work.

Car body shell correction
We use Autobot Autorobot XLS+ device to make corrections to car body shell. To make best possible result we also have an electronic measuring unit in our work.

Wheel angle adjustment
We use Hofmann Geoliner 550 Prism device in wheel angle adjustments. Due versatile possibilities and very high density 3D workspace it suites best for civil and rally car demands.

Air conditioning service
We use fully automatic Mavre device to service all cars air condition units.

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